Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Love Being A Young Mum!

Among my friends, I am one of those who got married and became a mum at a rather young age. When many of my peers were still trying to find their soul-mates, I was already an expert with milk powder and diaper brands.

As with most things in life, being a young mum meant I had to make sacrifices along the way. While my friends were out partying late into the night and catching midnight movies every weekend, I was trying to catch up on my sleep after feeding milk and changing diapers for the umpteenth time that day. While my swinging bachelor friends were going crazy over the sales at the malls and online shops, I was counting my pennies to make sure I do not overspend on an extra dress or pair of shoes that I did not need. Raising kids in Singapore is not a cheap affair in Singapore, and careful budgeting was necessary.

Having said that, I have never regretted my decision to have kids young. In fact, I think that is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. The advantages far outweigh the sacrifices I have to make. It's true that I don't have as much time or freedom as my peers, but I am glad I had a head-start in this tedious child-rearing business. And boy, am I glad I'm over the infant stage. I'm no longer in the constantly sleep-deprived state, and I am enjoying the communications I can have with my two girls. Life is pretty good for me now as a mum.

And because I am relatively young, I have the energy to keep up with my kids especially during weekends when we bring them out to have fun. We are a rather active family who packs our Saturdays and Sundays with lots of outings and programmes. I cannot imagine still having that kind of energy and momentum when I'm past 40 years old. By then, our kids should be old enough to appreciate hi-teas and movies, and our family outings could hopefully be more leisurely and less energy-consuming.

I love the look on the faces of people when I tell them I've got two kids. Usually the remark that followed would be, 'You married very young??' Absolutely love it.

Another advantage about having kids young is that by the time they are grown up and independent, I am still young! And that means hubby and I can go for our world tour, while the girls look after themselves. I am so looking forward to that day.

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