Monday, August 06, 2012

National Day Celebration: Baby's Day Out!

We were invited to attend Baby's Day Out 2012 organised by UFamily last weekend, and it's our first official NDP celebration event for this year!

The event took place at The Lawn @ Marina Bay, and it's basically a huge mass picnic with some fringe activities, stage games and performances by the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. The main highlight of the evening was to watch the fighter planes fly above our heads towards the floating platform (area infront of us) where the NDP 2012 Preview was taking place that evening. And of course, the magnificent fireworks!

The whole family's dressed in RED for the event, and when we arrived, the whole lawn was already packed with a sea of red. The weather was windy and cool, so it was really quite nice lazing on the picnic mat while enjoying some family time together. We received a goody bag consisting of a picnic mat, fans and some miniature Singapore flags. We were getting into the NDP mood for sure!

Check out the turn out. Everyone was just hanging around, having a good time. The only pity I felt was that there was no food stalls. We had to go buy food elsewhere before settling down. But because the event was 'Baby's Day Out', we saw many young parents with babies and young toddlers, and the parents mostly cooked and brought along porridge and cereals for their babies. My kids were probably one of the oldest there. :)

It was my first time to The Lawn, and I like it that it's big and spacious. I always love the idea of mass picnics on a huge grassland. Something really relaxing and therapeutic about it, methinks. :)

The was a photo booth for families to take instant photographs, and a clown who made balloon art for the kids. Long queues for both booths.

One of the interesting highlights of the event was the forming of the Singapore Flag with milk bottles! This is the first to be done in Singapore, and they are setting a new record in the Singapore Guinness Book Of Records that day. The bottles were provided by one of the sponsors - Avent, and every bottle contained a message written by the mums about their wishes for their kids.

Both my kids were fed from Avent bottles from babies! I've bought numerous Avent bottles in my life. This flag is definitely very meaningful to us.

Then the kids saw that this particular booth was giving out free Mamee snacks, so they quickly went to play some simple games just to get them. =.=

It was a brainless game which I later found out was a promotional event for Explorer Kid. :)

In any case, my girls were very pleased they got their Mamees. =X

At about 6.40pm, we were all told to stand for the National Anthem. It was the first time many of the kids heard our National Anthem! Then we all recited the National pledge together. I felt really patriotic and proud of my country! =D

Then we saw several planes fly past us - Some were so loud that the mummies were busy covering their babies' ears. =) But it seriously felt very majestic.

My girls may not be able to fully appreciate the significance of National Day, but getting them started young is a good thing, I feel. This sense of pride for the country we live in should be inculcated from young.

Finally, it was time for the fireworks! They were gorgeous!!! =D

I even took a video clip of the display!

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We had fun at our first NDP 2012 party! =)