Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sentosa Celebrates 40 Wonderful Years!

On Sentosa's 40th birthday, we went to the island and celebrated together with it. In yesterday's post, I shared about the ice playground that my girls went to. At the event, there were several other fringe activities as well, and my girls had a fun morning there.

They jumped in the bouncing castles..

Learnt how to make clay macaroons...

..watched entertaining magic shows...

..and had their arms painted by a talented artist. :)

Along the beach area, there were other performances happening as well. The whole place was in a celebration mode, and everyone was having fun. :)

There were hip hop dancers..

Everyone just gathered around to watch and cheer them on. :) They were really quite good!

And there were inline skaters like these who went around cooling passers-by down with their water guns. Much appreciated on such a hot day actually.

The one that got the most 'wows' was this pole-dancing station. The dancers went up and down the pole, performing stunts as if they were chicken-feet. I noticed many people watched with their mouths open - Obviously very amazed.

Such strong arms and legs! Pretty cool to be watching this on a roadside, methinks.

For lunch, we decided to settle down at one of the beachside cafes, Coastes. The food was quite good! And of course, beachside dining is always awesome.

Love the decor of this restaurant. Gives a very vacation feel to the whole dining experience. :)

Our yummy lunch!

Thanks for a fun day spent on Sentosa, and Happy Birthday to one of our favourite places in Singapore! By the way, I'm sure you have heard about Sentosa's Buskers Festival happening now till 8 Sep? There are lots of performances happening from 4pm to 10pm everyday at various points in Sentosa. We'll be popping by Sentosa again this weekend to catch some of the shows! Click this to find out the programme line-up everyday!

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