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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

She Marched Down The Aisle!!!!!

I am mightily proud of my baby girl, who did her first march-in down the aisle with such gusto, confidence and poise. I was initially a little worried she might back out last minute, or be a run-away flower girl. A little too much imagination there, but thank God nothing of those sorts happened. She did everything so well, O hallelujah!

Of course, it definitely helped that she was walking down the aisle with her buddy, Chernise. It helped that the aisle was not dauntingly long and packed with unfamiliar faces staring at her. It was a very lovely and simple Holy Matrimony with a relatively short aisle, so I think she had lots of fun. She asked me the moment we reached home, "Mummy, when am I going to be flower girl again?" :)

I was busy running around making preparations for the wedding, so I handed my camera to my trustworthy friend, Jason, who took all the lovely shots for me. [Pssst: There is even a video clip of the flower girls at the end!! @@]

The wedding was held at the National Museum of Singapore. I love how peaceful and quiet the place was - A really nice place to hold weddings. :)

The girls looked so sweet & coy. :)

The actual march-in!!! =D

The lovely couple, Edward & Adeline. :) So happy for them.

Here's the video clip of the march-in of the flower girls! The way they threw the rose petals was so professional. =P

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It was very busy and tiring day, but it was also lots of fun! Some of the kids in my cell group took a photo with the couple. This is taken on Chernise's mummy's phone. You can see that the boys are generally more cheeky! Haha!


And so glad we managed to get our friends to take new family photos for us. I heart them!! =D

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