Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Christmas Has Come To Orchard Road!

We needed to go buy Christmas gifts for our church friends a few days ago, and so we took a stroll along Orchard Road to check out the Christmas decorations for this year. Funnily, I haven't heard any one mention about the lights this year and it's already December! I thought it might not be that happening at all, but I was very wrong. We all loved the colours along Orchard Road this year! It was pity though that a light drizzle turned into a somewhat heavy shower, so we did not manage to walk down the entire Orchard Road. We will surely be back another night to finish our journey. :)

My favourite has got to be this pink Christmas tree at Orchard Central - It's in my favourite colour! =D

Centrepoint's Christmas decorations are always elaborate and very pretty, and this year is no exception.

Love the strings and strings of lights hanging above our heads. :)

The girls couldn't resist them too, apparently, and we stopped there and fiddled with them for a good five minutes. =P

Kids can be so easily contented with something so simple (and free =P).

Love them to bits. :)

You can also find the elves hard at work at one side of the walkway. There's Christmas music playing in the air and the elves' hands would move up and down - I feel like Christmas is really coming soon!! =D

Can't wait to explore the rest of Orchard Road! We're hoping to catch the 'snow' at Tanglin Mall one of these nights too! =)

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