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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Art of The Brick Exhibition

Media Invite

Last weekend, we finally made it to the much talked-about exhibition in town - "Art of the Brick" at the ArtScience Museum, MBS. The exhibition which was supposed to end in April has been extended to 26 May 2013 due to good response.

This exhibition, in my opinion, is more arty than kids-friendly. The artist, Nathan Sawaya, created sophisticated artistic pieces using bricks usually played by kids. I wish I can have more time to read through every single description of the art pieces to understand what inspired the creator, but because my kids were there, we walked through the whole exhibition rather fast. Thankfully, while they may not be able to fully appreciate all the exhibits, there were interactive elements that were able to attract their attention. Here's a pictorial run-through of what you can find at the exhibition. It is still worthwhile to check out the exhibition yourself because seeing great art pieces made out of thousands of small brick pieces is amazing in its own right. Photos don't do them justice.


This is my favourite section of the exhibition - A 6-meter long T-rex dinosaur skeleton. Really awesome art piece, coupled with perfect lighting and effects on the walls. Stepping into this space was an amazing feeling.

The final section of the exhibition was the kids' favourite for obvious reasons. After seeing all the amazing art pieces, they could finally build their own. They also left messages on the lego brick notice board and did some foot reflexology, which was such an ingenious idea by the way. I totally plan to re-enact that at home at the punishment corner. It was too funny watching the girls go 'ouch!', 'ouch!' while laughing non stop.

And while waiting for the girls to complete their creations, I decided to leave an art piece there too. :)

Thank you ArtScience Museum for the complimentary tickets! For those of you interested, pay a visit to ArtScience Museum before the exhibition ends in a month's time!

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