Monday, June 03, 2013

Nanyang Old Coffee 南洋老咖啡

On a cafe-hopping Monday, hubby and I were walking around in Tanjong Pagar after lunch and we walked past this ordinary-looking Nanyang Old Coffee shop. I couldn't resist walking in because I saw many interesting vintage items inside the shop. You know, I have such a soft spot for such things!

The shop is really ordinary - with its usual tables and chairs.

Interestingly, the shop has one and a half levels, so a short flight of stairs will bring you to this seating area with sofas and also an area filled with vintage posters, equipment, decorations and all kinds of interesting stuffs.

Everything displayed was tagged with a price tag, so if you find anything you like, you can just buy them home!

It was pure eye candy for me as I checked out everything. I could recognise so many of those things from my childhood, and it made me feel so nostalgic! Check out the things I photographed, and see how many of these things could you recognise too? :)

And of course, the coffee was good. I was glad I didn't have to pay a high price for a cup of coffee (this was just $1.50 thereabout, but a cup of gourmet coffee at any cafe could easily cost more than $5), and yet have a relaxing and nostalgic Monday afternoon. Very neat indeed.

Nanyang Old Coffee
Genting Centre
3 Lim Teck Kim Road
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