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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Play Dates Are Awesome Much

I think play dates are awesome. Not only will the kids have loads of fun, the parents get to fellowship and have some peace because the kids are too busy playing to disturb us.

It's the June school holidays and this week, both hubby and I took leave from work to spend time with our girls. Because of a four-day workshop our girls are attending with our friends' kids (more on that soon!), we spent the last few mornings at Yishun Park. The park's nice and serene with lots of greenery, and there's a rather wonderful playground. The kids had so much fun there together!

Yishun is an old estate, and this particular playground has a vintage charm to it that I love so much.

Swings - who can resist them seriously? :)

And see-saw!!  - The modern kind though.

Finally, the slide makes up the vintage playground must-have.

Girls will be girls - They were doing pretend-play: Pretending to be princesses in their castle!

This playground also has a section with obstacle course features - Quite interesting!

These girls are really cute and super cooperative when I told them to try jump shots!

Perfectly executed! =D

Like I said, play dates are always awesome.

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