Thursday, June 06, 2013

School Holiday Ideas: Gardens By The Bay

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Gardens by the Bay kicks off the June holidays with a brand-new thematic floral display in the cooled conservatories! We all know that the displays in the Flower Dome change seasonally, but this is the first time that the changing display will take place in the Cloud Forest as well. The new thematic floral display is entitled, "Flight of Fancy", and you can expect to see pretty miniature hot air balloons, aeroplanes and kites as part of the decoration. You can learn interesting facts through the new display, such as how seeds are dispersed by wind, what plants are pollinated by bats, etc. I found it pretty educational!


The hot air balloons were so pretty and made the entire Flower Dome so dreamy! I think admiring the beautiful displays and all the pretty flowers in a cool environment is really quite awesome - We enjoyed our walk in the Flower Dome very much!

There was a section dedicated to different kinds of cactuses - We were amazed at how many different types of cactuses there are! Some made us laugh;

Some made us feel very prickly;

And some gave us goosebumps.

It was really interesting for me. And I thought very educational for my kids too. :)

Love the flowers we saw in Flower Dome - They totally lifted up our spirits! :) Joey brought her camera along, and she snapped everything too, because everything looked so pretty.

The weather outside was glorious with the sun shining brightly, but inside the conservatory, it was nice and cool. Haha.. I'm too pampered.

Love the sites for photo ops. :)


The Cloud Forest has always been our favourite conservatory at Gardens By the Bay. Absolutely love the tall waterfall! And now, next to the waterfall is a cute little hot air balloon as part of the new thematic display. :)

Apart from the hot air balloons, you will also notice kites as well as special species of white orchids hanging on the wall of the waterfall. They were gorgeous!

The last time we visited the Cloud Forest, it was night time so the visibility on the sky trail was not very good because of the mist. But this time round, it was daytime and we had a good look around from way up high. Love the scenery. :)

I really like this new thematic display at Gardens By the Bay - the flowers, the decorations and the whole educational journey made it a really enjoyable family outing for us. Check it out too this June school holidays! :)

In conjunction with the June holidays, kids will also enjoy 50% discount on Local Resident Child Tickets to the cooled conservatories from 1 to 28 June. Now daddies and mummies can take the opportunity for some parent-child bonding and fun learning during the school break! A series of activities has also been planned in conjunction with Gardens by the Bay’s upcoming 1st anniversary – pack your picnic mats and spend quality time with your family and friends at the “Gardens Party One” on 29 June; watch the Supertrees transform before
your eyes in “Mystical Supertrees” from 30 June to 7 July; enjoy free activities for kids such as the “GB Kids’ Blast” and “Blow Wind Blow”; and more!

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