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School Holiday Ideas: Hello Kitty Town

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It was only a matter of time that we paid a visit to the Hello Kitty Town at Johor Bahru.

Having two girls at home who are crazy over pink stuffs and all things princessy make them natural fans of the Hello Kitty. So when I told them that we were going to visit Hello Kitty Town, they screamed first before asking, "There is a Hello Kitty Town?? Does it mean that Hello Kitty lives there??"

Yes babes, apparently she does.

Getting to Hello Kitty Town at Puteri Harbour is best by driving. But if you do not drive, you can always purchase a package that allows you to board a coach at the Singapore Flyer and includes entrance tickets and travel insurance in some cases. Google and you will find lots of such info on the web. I was very blessed because my parents drove us to the place and waited till the kids had their fair share of fun. I am very blessed to have such great parents.

It's impossible not to get excited when you enter into a place like this. Quite frankly, the little girl in me leapt.

My girls couldn't wait to get in. Our tickets would grant us access to the Hello Kitty Town (Level 2) and the Little Big Club (Levels 3 and 4). Today, I'm only covering Hello Kitty Town.

Everyone will be given a Daily Activity Card upon entrance. Some of the attractions can only be entered once, so the card will be stamped once you enter.

The girls ran so fast when they saw the entrance but the moment I shouted, 'Don't run, take photo!!!', they both stopped and posed for me. Truly professional, hahahahaha!

At the entrance is a counter with performance schedules for the day. Lots of stage shows, photography opportunities, meet-and-greet and special workshops happening the whole day, so it's nice to be there from morning to catch everything.

The first ride the kids took was the Hello Kitty cups & saucers - It was so pretty and princessy!

Then we visited Hello Kitty's house - It must be every little girl's dream house. Everything's sweet and pastel!

What a very cute bath tub!

Then we heard a commotion outside Hello Kitty's house and realised that the Parade has started!! The parade was fun & entertaining! Jayne even joined in the dance towards the end. :)

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The most exciting part was of course when the Sanrio characters passed by and shook the kids' hands! =D

The kids then visited the indoor playground - a simple setup compared to where they've been to, but the kids were still excited. Cannot.understand.why.

This next attraction I really like - Hello Kitty Black Wonder. Adults can choose to accomplish a mission if they want to, otherwise they can just tour the place like we did.

Love all the stony surfaces. A very lovely fortress indeed. :)

See what this boy was doing? He was trying to accomplish his mission and he was given a lamp that would illuminate the map when held over it. I think the mission should be pretty interesting with clues to be solved and mysteries to be unravelled.

Clues can be found everywhere in this place - I saw many stressed-looking adults scampering around looking for clues. Haha!

Some of the other things the kids can do at Hello Kitty Town include manicure/pedicure, craft work etc. We didn't try those because of time constraints. The queues for these attractions were naturally longer too because the turnover time is much longer.

Visit this website for more info on Hello Kitty Town. You can also book your tickets online on that website.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Closed on Tuesdays except during school holidays and public holidays.

Ticket Prices:


I'll share about The Little Big Club in another post. That is a magical place for all the little fans of Barney, Thomas & Friends, Angelina Ballerina, Bob The Builder, etc! My kids had a blast! :)

P/S: I received complimentary tickets for my whole family for Hello Kitty Town & Little Big Club. All photographs,videos and comments are solely mine.

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