Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cafe Hop: Baker & Cook

My heart quietly jumped when the husband declared that once a month, we will splurge on a brunch on our off days. Brunches might be a common weekly affair for some of you, but for my husband who does not eat breakfasts and think that exorbitantly-priced brunches are abominations, this is nothing short of a miracle. I do agree that brunches are crazily overpriced though - seriously, how can some eggs, toast, bacon and sausages cost more than 20 bucks?!

But of course, off days are meant to be enjoyed and since hubby has declared such a privilege, we headed to Baker & Cook yesterday. We've tried their breads once when visiting a friend's house nearby, and hubby had been thinking of it since. Located at Hillcrest Road, this cafe is right smack in the middle of a landed residential area, along a stretch of shops. But it being away from the crowded and more central venues, makes it rather unique and a good choice away from crowds.

The name of the cafe already tells you that they pride themselves on the breads they bake. I've tried those with lots of grains and nuts, and they are awesome - you can really taste how healthy and fresh every bite is.

The interior of the cafe only has one long wooden table. Most of the customers take the alfresco seats outside anyway.

Hubby ordered toasts that come served with three types of jam (apricot, mixed berries, strawberry) and butter.

And he also ordered granola with natural yoghurt, which he said was superb. Not my type of breakfast though - I've always preferred savoury to sweet.

And so, of course I need to have the full works. Bacon is a must, and any place that gives me good crispy bacon is a must-come-back again. A very hearty breakfast but set me poorer by $17.

Coffee come in two sizes of your choice, and is served with a small piece of brownie.

Love and treasure the quiet and relaxing time spent with hubby. If you are in Bukit Timah area and looking for a place to chill out, check out Baker & Cook. :)

Baker & Cook Pte Ltd
77 Hillcrest Road, Singapore 288951
Phone: +65 6469 8834

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