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Friday, August 30, 2013

Dim Dim The Hong Kong Pantry

I couldn't believe it, but we found a dim sum restaurant very near to our Church that sells char siew buns that look like those from Tim Ho Wan! So after church service last weekend, we made our way there to try the food. The restaurant's really quite small, but thankfully there was a table for us when we reached.

The kids are always hungry after church service. Hehe. Apart from the usual dim sum offerings, Dim Dim also has noodles and porridge on its menu, very similar to that offered at Crystal Jade Kitchen. Of course, the prices are slightly cheaper here.

We ordered quite a lot of food for two adults and 2 kids. In total, we paid $50+ for our lunch. For dim sum, I thought that was still quite alright. Food quality was not bad, though I wouldn't say it's fantastic.

Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Braised chicken feet

Love that their drinks are served in jars. Soya bean milk for the little ones.

Peanut & cuttlefish porridge

Chee Cheong Fun with fresh prawns

Fried carrot cake with 'lup chiong' (preserved sausages)

"Har Gaw" (Prawn dumplings)

Prawn noodles soup

Milk Tea is a must from any Hong Kong cafes.

Deep fried beancurd skin

The THW-lookalike char siew buns. They tasted pretty good but I still prefers the ones from THW.

All in all, a very satisfying lunch because I haven't had dim sum for a while! Worth a try. :)

Dim Dim The Hong Kong Pantry
Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-16

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