Saturday, August 17, 2013

Snails: Non-Toxic Nail Polish For The Little Ones (Giveaway)

Product Review

The folks from Pupsik Studio sent over something exciting for the girls to try some weeks back - Snails Nail polish in 6 different colours! :)

The girls are absolutely thrilled because you know how manicures complete a girl's look. Now that they come in non-toxic versions, even I am thrilled! I don't have to worry about the girls breathing in too much of those unhealthy fumes and the best thing of all is that...... THEY ARE WASHABLE WITH JUST WATER & SOAP! They would mean I don't need to use the smelly and potent nail polish removers on their little delicate fingernails. This is a winner!

It's so simple to apply these on the girls' little fingernails that they can even do it on their own, I'm not joking. With all those pretty colours, it's perfect for a fun day out decked in their favourite dresses! And no worries if they accidentally spill and stain their clothes - they can be washed off easily!

The girls were very excited to have their nails painted in bright and lovely colours!

They wanted to try different colours all at once, and that of course resulted in a random-kind-of-beautiful nails.

Like these. Boy, was she proud of them. =.=

My mother-in-law was a little skeptical that the polish could be washed off with just water and soap, so she painted her nails and attempted to wash them off right after they were dry. It worked so well that she screamed from the kitchen sink, "Really can wash off with just water!!" Hehe, really funny. She's also using the nail polish now because it's so fuss-free! I think this is really a great option for us adults who just want a quick nail makeover that's easy to wash off right after an event or evening out.

That would also mean you should not let your kids eat with their hands after the nail polish has been applied on, because they can lick all the nail polish off. =X But hey no worries, toxic-free anyway! =P

Each bottle of Snails nail polish retails at S$14.90. Get your Safe Washable Kid's Nail Polish today!


For the month of August, The J Babies' readers can purchase Snails nail polish at 15% off. All you need to do is to key in this discount code during checkout: AUGSNAILS. Hurry before August ends!


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P/S: The J Babies received 6 bottles of complimentary Snails nail polish for purpose of review. No other financial compensation was received. All opinions and photographs are my own. The pretty MIL is mine too, thankyouverymuch.

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