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Friday, September 27, 2013

A Weekend Getaway!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, we'll be leaving on a jet plane to the Land of Smiles - Bangkok! :)


It's an extremely short trip of 3D2N, but we've got a really packed itinerary all planned out. Lots of good food is expected - both from the streets and in lovely restaurants. Shopping will be done in abundance, both in the malls and the night markets (and Chatuchak oh yeah!), and you bet I'll be drinking lots of Thai Iced milk tea from Black Canyon.


Another really exciting thing we managed to weave into our itinerary is the Railway Market & Floating Market tour! Bought the vouchers from deal.com.sg at only $26, and we'll be picked up from our hotel in private vehicle and then brought to the two interesting markets. It's my first time buying and utilizing a deal from deal.com.sg, so I'm a little jittery - Please let everything turn out well!!

The last time I went to Bangkok was in 2011 alone with the husband, and this time round, we are going with our friends and Baby Jayne! Looking forward to a good break and lots of fun! Won't be blogging till I'm back, but you can follow me on social media as I'll be posting snapshots as and when!




Have a great weekend, everyone! :)