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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Weekend In Bangkok (Part 1)

Three days felt really short, but it was all that I could afford. We jam packed all three days with tons of shopping, eating and a really fun outing to the Floating Market. It was so much fun! :)

Staying at Novotel Hotel was a wise decision. The hotel was clean, cosy and the customer service was good. Going back to the hotel was a really nice retreat from the busy and rowdy streets of Bangkok. It did my soul much good. It was not expensive either - Paid only $200+/ room for 2 nights of stay. Not only did they allow us to do an early check-in (We arrived at the hotel around 10am), they also allowed us to do a late check-out on the last day.

The room was spacious, with a king-sized bed and a sofa on the side. Really lovely. :)

What I really love about Bangkok is the colourful street culture. There's so much to see and so much food to buy! As we were walking to our breakfast place, we saw all these street stalls selling all kinds of stuffs. What a fabulous start to our holiday in BKK. :)

Coconuts & this kind of orange squash drinks are everywhere on the streets in BKK.

Would you dare to eat at stalls like these, just along the streets? Quite surprisingly though, the stalls looked clean! I wouldn't mind having a meal here, but I wouldn't dare feed my daughter the same. =X

Our first meal in BKK was breakfast at Au Bon Pain, located at Big C shopping mall, which is just a short walking distance from Platinum Shopping Mall. It's kind of weird that we are having western meal in Thailand, but the bagels here are YUMS! This cafe's really worth checking out.

There are many bread options here, but the more popular choices would be either bagels or croissants. Their bagels come in different flavours as well.

The bagels come in flavours such as sour dough, sesame, poppy seeds, etc.

I chose a bagel with mixed ingredients of sesame, poppy seeds etc. With bacon & cheese, this tasted really good!

My friend tried the salmon bagel in another flavour - very nice too according to her.

The latte's pretty good too. Totally completed my breakfast. :)

How can we not take the signature Mac'donalds pose in BKK, right? We were after all, a bunch of overly excited tourists!

On our first night in BKK, we visited the Khao San Night Market - my favourite night market in BKK. I like the market for its vibrancy, great atmosphere and good variety of street food! There're kebabs, phad thai, popiah, ice-cream, deep fried lok lok and also the exotic delicacies such as deep fried crickets, spiders, worms, etc. Ekks really horrifying, especially the spiders!

They have the best phad thai around! It was also then that we realised that Jayne loves phad thai. :)

Behold the perfect phad thai - Only 60 baht (S$2!) for a big plate. :)

Another good thing about Khao San Night Market is the really cheap massages! We paid only 150baht for 30 minutes of foot massage (that's $6!) and it's done in open air on the streets - Lots of feel! =P My friend who doesn't like massages helped me entertain Jayne as I had my foot massage. So wonderful - Thanks friend!


Stay tuned for more blog posts on BKK coming right up the next few days. :)

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