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Bangkok Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

I visited Bangkok over the weekend last week. Even though it was a short 3-day trip, we managed to squeeze in a half-day tour to Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Mae Klong Railway Market. Read about my trip to Mae Klong Railway Market here.

I've been to a Thai floating market as a kid, but the memories were blurred because my smart alec brother, who was 6 or 7 years old then, opened our camera with a half-used film in it, and exposed all the photos on that roll of film. So happened, it was the roll of film that contained all our floating market photos. Till today, I could not recall anything about that trip whatsoever. So, I was very excited to visit the floating market again, this time round with my baby even!

I absolutely think it's wonderful to expose my kids to things they don't get a chance to see in modern Singapore. The floating market tour was definitely one such experience. Jayne was obviously intrigued by the boats that came alongside ours, with vendors trying to promote their products. It was quite an eye-opener!

There were MANY tourists - The carparks were packed with tour buses and vans. And every stretch of the river was jam packed with boats going in both directions. It was pretty amazing there was no collisions and not much of a 'traffic jam'. The boat operators were obviously very skilled at it.


Hubby posted a photo of the trip on facebook and his friend who lives in Thailand commented that this floating market is one of the best around - authentic and big. There are apparently many others who were created for the sake of tourists. This particular one is a real floating market that has existed for years. Very thankful!


The whole place's bustling with life. On the boarding dock, there were people having their lunch of noodles, bought from a vendor selling off his boat of course. The rest of the river was just full of passing boats, boarding and alighting passengers. I love this atmosphere, seriously!


For most of us, it's our first experience at a floating market - Such a refreshing experience!


The boat was a little shaky during boarding, but once we set off, it's pretty stable. There were so much to see on both sides - Vendors with stalls lined both sides of the canal were calling us at us, and passing boats selling fruits and all kinds of food items and commodities were promoting their products as well.


It was really fun travelling with these buddies of mine! There was no lack of laughter wherever we went. :)


Hubby & Jayne had first-class seats - Lots of leg room and unblocked view throughout! LOL!


And of course, we couldn't resist. We bought mangoes, mango sticky rice and some coconut desserts from a few boat vendors. Everything was yummy! Comfort food while floating along. =D


Jayne ate so many mangoes during the trip. Can't really blame here - The mangoes were all so sweet & juicy!


The floating market was huge! There were so many channels and turns we took - It was pretty impressive, I say.


I think the floating market is really one of the best symbols of Thailand. If you have not visited one, I strongly encourage you to do so! It can give you an insight into the lives of the locals and present Bangkok to you in a different light. On this trip, almost all the Thais I met were friendly and very polite and nice. Many of them would smile and play with Jayne - I was a little surprised that I wasn't offended at all when many of them patted Jayne's head, touched her face and shook her hands. I guess even though they were strangers, I could feel their genuineness. The Thais are really simple folks who live simple lives - It's easy to feel comfortable with them. :) Ending off my Bangkok series with some black & white photos I captured at the Floating Market. (P/S: Some of them were taken by Jayne!) 


Thanks for a wonderful trip, Bangkok. Be right back! :)

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