Monday, November 04, 2013

Sembawang Park Playground

Good and fun playgrounds are gems. And discovering a new good and fun playground brings as much happiness as unearthing a gem! :)

After some construction works, Sembawang Park now looks fabulous! What used to be a desolate beach now looks vibrant and bustling with energy again. We visited the park over the weekends and the kids love the new battleship playground! Super many families were hanging around at the park, picnicking and playing. It's a really happy place now.


The battleship playground is pretty impressive. There are lots of climbing to do, and actually, the younger kids would find it a little too challenging. My four-year-old Jayne almost gave up halfway because she was scared of crawling across a web to get to the slides. I reckon any kid below 3 years old would probably not be able to play much here. The older kids though would totally love it. The only two ways to get up to the top in order to slide down require some good motor and climbing skills for sure.


Always excited at playgrounds. Sooooooo glad we have so many awesome playgrounds in Singapore provided free-of-charge for the kids.


See how challenging it is? The holes are big, so younger kids would not be able to navigate their way through.


I like the wooden structure of the whole battleship - So contemporary, fun and arty all at the same time.


Jayne tried several times before she managed to overcome her fear and crawl through to the top to take the slide down. Once she did it once successfully, she happily repeated it several times. :)


What I thought was really fun was this mega swing, where several kids can get on at the same time and swing together. I was very tempted to go on it for a swing myself.


A really nice place to play and have picnics! Glad to find yet another great place to chill. :)

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