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Monday, December 23, 2013

“Mom, Let’s Have An OREO Day!”


The school holidays’ coming to an end very soon, so I asked the girl what she wants to do or where would she like me to bring her before a new school term starts, and she thought for a while before exclaiming, “Mom, let’s have an OREO day!”

“Errr… but what’s an OREO day? I don’t think we can visit an OREO factory in Singapore, you know?”

“Let’s just bring our OREO wafers out with us and we will have an Oreo everywhere we go. That’s an OREO Day!”

Sometimes, you got to admit that kids have the most creativity. We adults can be such a stick in the mud at times. Joey’s right! Why can’t we simply hang out together, enjoy our favorite snack together and declare it as an OREO Day? That can be a perfect day out too, isn’t it? That’s exactly what we did.

We decided to go to Sentosa in the afternoon, then catch a musical in the evening. So apart from the usual stuff I bring out for the kids, I remembered to bring along the OREO wafers. What’s an OREO Day without OREO, right? Our favorite used to be the traditional OREO cookies, but since the wafer version appeared, we’ve been  buying that because it’s easy to eat, crunchy and very convenient to bring on an outing. It’s especially good as a quick snack when we get hungry before a proper meal time, and since it’s so yummy, any time is a good time for an OREO wafer anyway.


We spent an afternoon splashing water at Sentosa’s Port of the Lost Wonder, and the kids had so much fun basking in the atmosphere of Christmas and in the water playground. Life’s been pretty easy for me since the girls got old enough to play in such playgrounds themselves. My backs can no longer take the running around and climbing up and sliding down at such places anymore, so you can imagine how thankful I am for independent kids. When the kids were having a ball of a time, I was just resting by the bench with the husband. Once in a while, the girls would come back and ask for their OREO snack (not forgetting to remind me every single time that it’s OREO Day – as if I would forget). These kids take themes very seriously – They almost wanted to go out dressed in OREO colors – blue & brown – except they don’t really have such colors in their wardrobes.

So when Joey saw that they were giving out blue jackets for those playing in the foam pool, she got really excited and exclaimed, ‘Look Mom, it’s OREO’s blue! Fits our theme!!!’ I could only manage an awkward smile because the lifeguard standing next to us obviously couldn’t understand what the excitement was about. =X


I was beginning to enjoy this special ‘OREO Day’ though. It was our first such creative themed outing, and we were looking for ways to make it work! Feels like a mini project that I was doing with the kids, and definitely a very special one because Joey was the one who thought of it. I am usually the one who tells the kids where we would be going during weekends, so this felt really refreshing. I could tell that Joey was feeling this sense of mission as well, because it was her idea! All of a sudden, I realized that there are many ways we can increase the bonding in the family. Apart from just spending time together going from outing to outing, sometimes creative ways like these can add that fun factor as well. Of course, it helps that the whole family are fans of OREO, so this theme makes everyone happy as well. :)

The day ended with a very entertaining musical at Marina Bay Sands Theatre with the kids. While we were waiting for the show to start, we shared our last two OREO wafers as dinner would be late that day. We had done what Joey suggested – Snack on OREO all day long! We felt accomplished that we carried out our themed outing pretty well. Looks like another themed outing will happen very soon, because we were having lots of fun! And you can be sure, I will let the kids decide the theme again because they are so creative!


Does this post make you feel like munching an OREO wafer now too? LOL!

* * * * *



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P/S: This is a sponsored story for OREO, but the experiences shared in this post are all real and yes, we are really fans of OREO. The OREO Day did happen too.

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