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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cafe-Hopping: Kombi Rocks Diner

I heard about this diner/cafe that has got beautiful vintage Volkswagens parked in front of the shop, and wanted to check it out. Kombi Rocks is located at 66 Yio Chu Kang Road (the stretch that’s near to Serangoon Gardens), and when I arrived at the place, I didn’t see a fleet of Volkswagens like what I saw on its website, but thankfully, there was one blue one there, looking pretty and classy.


If you want to take wedding photos with these vintage beauties, you can rent them from the shop. For photo shoots to be done at the shop, you can also pay a fee to do so. I think they will add such a retro feel to the photos!


But of course, I was not there for any wedding photo shoots. I wanted to check out the place and try the food perhaps. Turned out, Kombi Rocks was not a classy cafe that I imagined it to be. Truth be told, it looks like a coffee shop, except that you can find many little vintage knick knacks inside the shop, for decor & for sale. I cannot really pinpoint a specific theme for its interior decor – It’s a mash-up of indie, cheena, vintage & rock ‘n’ roll. The menu looks very vintage English style, but the tables are the traditional Chinese designs, complete with Chinese cutlery featuring red roosters.

IMG_5314 IMG_5318

The owner is obviously a collector of all things Volkswagen, Vespa and Kombi. There are many models on display, along with many other vintage items for sale (if the price is right).

IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5325

The menu prices are very reasonable. My Mee Goreng costs $6 and my root beer served in a glass mason jar costs $4.


The other side of the wall featured different items which were beautiful and vintage, no less. Looks like the owner is not just a Volkswagen fan, but a Beatles fan as well. Apparently, on selected evenings, you can enjoy your dinner and drinks here while enjoying live performances by local artistes.


I enjoyed my Mee Goreng very much – Pretty tasty.


The husband ordered latte as well, and it was not bad except that it was served in a glass filled to the brim, which made it very difficult to drink from when it was very hot.


Here’s the price list for the rental of the vintage cars, incase you are interested. :)


Kombi Rocks
66 Yio Chu Kang Road

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