Monday, August 05, 2013

A Visit To The Army Museum

Media Invite

Do you know that there is an Army Museum in Singapore, located next to the Singapore Discovery Centre? Last weekend, we were invited there and we stepped into it for the first time. It was SAF's first attempt to touch base with families and I liked what the Commander said during his welcome speech. He said that the SAF exists with the purpose of protecting Singapore and to give families a safe and secure place to live in, which is why they are starting to connect with families and help raise awareness and understanding of what the Army does. I thought it was pretty interesting for my kids to learn more about them as well, because as girls, they will never have a chance to serve national service.

It was also obvious that the organiser had put in much effort to plan the programme of the day. There was many interactive elements incorporated and the kids did many hands-on crafts as well. While waiting for the event to start proper, the girls played with binoculars, compasses, horns used on vessels and even fake pistols. Everything's new to them!

The SAF is made up of the Army, Air Force and the Navy, and the kids learnt about them at different stations. For Papa Isaiah, it's more like reliving a memory of the past, but for the kids and me, they are pretty interesting and fresh! We started with the Army, and we were introduced to the camouflage uniforms, backpack, combat rations etc.

Look how big the backpack looks on the little boy! :)

Then the kids made tanks out of cardboard, and the officer gave out toy soldiers to the kids too when they answered questions correctly. :)

And Joey tried on one of the uniforms! She looked so cute right?? =D

At the next station, the kids learnt about what the Navy does. They even did a little drama skit together and had much fun spotting the 'pirate'! Joey acted as the Captain. =P

Then it was art & craft time again - This time round, they made submarines!

At the final station, the girls learnt more about the Air Force. The officer is a pilot who happens to be one of the pilots flying the fighter planes over the skies during the National Day Parade! He shared many stories of how pilots do their jobs in the sky. Kudos to the people from the Air Force for guarding and keeping our skies safe.

Then he also taught the kids how to fold paper fighter planes and let them fly them.

It was a very educational morning indeed, where the kids learnt so much about the Singapore Armed Forces and what they do to protect the country. As our nation's 48th birthday draws near, I personally feel that this is such a meaningful event for us to attend. And that was not all - the kids had a go at the Standard Obstacle Course (SOC) after lunch as well. I'll talk about that in my next post! :)

If you are interested to check out the Army Museum, click here for details. Admission is FOC for all Singaporeans & PRs.