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Monday, April 03, 2006

To Induce or Not to Induce?

Dr Chew saw Joey today and asked me if I want to be admitted immediately. If I do, she will induce the baby for me and let Joey be born. I was alittle shocked when she asked me that question because I have only been feeling mild contractions and afterall I am only in my 39th week. Theoretically, it's still quite alright to wait somemore. Dr Chew said maximum I can wait is till baby is 42 weeks old in the womb.

But her concern was because Joey's already very big and if I wait any longer, I will have a very difficult delivery. The head will have a hard time coming out, and the shoulders may get stuck somewhere. So, Dr Chew's advice is for me to induce the baby since she is already of a suitable and healthy weight and size.

When I went to take my test again today, my contractions are still very mild. But Dr Chew did say that sometimes when baby is very big, contractions may not be triggered easily, so maybe that's the reason. But anytime, the contractions can change drastically and they may suddenly become very strong that I would have to be admitted. A forceful kick from Joey may also burst the water bag, which makes it impossible to delay the delivery any further.

Of course, I'd want to have my baby according to God's perfect timing, naturally, rather than induce it using man-made methods. So, we're going to pray that I will go into labour naturally these few days, then everything will be solved. If by end of the week, I still don't, I might really need induction, cos if delay till next week, I might have to go for C-section rather than natural delivery. But I don't want to think about that first, I'll just keep praying that these few days will be it.

Dr Chew gave me MC to rest over the next few days, then observe how it goes. Dear friends, please pray for us that everything will go so smoothly, according to God's timing & best method!