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Friday, December 22, 2006

The Girl Who Couldn’t Keep Still

Joey has reached the stage where she cannot keep still anymore. She keeps moving and fidgeting when she is being carried or left in the pram. When I put her on the floor to sit, she will be in her crawling position in the next immediate second. When I carry her, she will look left & right and will push you away because all she wants is to be crawling on the floor. So yes, you need a lot of muscles to carry her now.

Here she is in the nursery today!

And of course, everything that she lays her hands on goes right to her mouth. Yeps, anything at all. It can be her soiled diapers, dirty long pants, socks.... ahhh.. her favorite could be her socks cos she loves pulling them out from her feet and chewing them. Sigh.

I decided to follow her as she crawls here and there.

She looks like she's on some important mission as she speed crawls away....

Even taking time to check out the different rooms one by one...

Haha.. Found a chair and decided to kneel there for a little prayer.

This photo is so funny. Taken when she was resting from all the crawling with her eyes closed. Hehe..

Enough of crawling, Joey.. Time to take some photos with Mummy...