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Friday, August 10, 2007

Excuse Me, I AM the Mummy

I wonder how many mummies out there are like me. I believe strongly that as the mummy of my baby, I have every right to make decisions pertaining to my baby.

This is of course not saying that I will not listen to kind & well meaning advices given by other people, but I just feel very strongly that I am entitled to having my own ideas about how to raise my kid, how to take care of her, etc. As much as advices may be good, and very correct, and I will try to follow & listen as much as I can, but sometimes, I just wish that people will remember that I AM the mummy, not them.

It is frustrating when people tell me how I should have taken care of my daughter, or how I should have behaved or what I should be doing to her, etc etc. I appreciate most comments. I really do. But it gets on my nerves when the 'supposed suggestions' become 'silent' demands that I MUST do, and no longer just some innocent remarks for my consideration. If I don't do, I will be branded as a bad mother. Stop imposing them on me, can?!

I mean, how do you feel if someone keeps telling you how you should raise or take care of your kid? Different mothers have different ways of raising their kids right? My mother and my mother in law did it differently and both their kids turned out fine wat!

It's not that I am hao lian that I know best or I know everything leh... but I just hate it when I am constantly being told what to do. Urghhhhhh!!!!

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