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Monday, October 12, 2009

A Wedding In The Family

I’ve attended many weddings before but nothing beats attending the weddings of family members and relatives. I got very excited about attending our cousins – Adrian & Esther’s wedding, because it’s been so long since there was a wedding in the family! :)

You can check out my personal blog on the wedding, cos I’m only going to post stuffs relevant to my kids over here!

Joey went to the Holy Matrimony on Saturday dressed like a demure flower girl! (even though she was not the flower girl) Haha, she looks really sweet. We even succeeded in making her move elegantly and talk gently because she is supposed to be a princess. :)




Looking at her Polaroid, which was subsequently hung onto the mini tree at the reception area.



The wedding dinner was held on Sunday at Johor Bahru as the girl’s side of the family are from JB.

Joey super loves weddings. :)


Baby Jayne was quite whiney throughout the evening because she was over exhausted. We went to church early in the morning, then rushed home to change before making our way to JB. It was a long day for her without much proper sleep.

With Nai Nai (opps, caught her whining here..)


For the majority part of the banquet, I was carrying her in my arms until my arms went numb!



Thankfully, her signature loves-to-smile personality always shines through. Even though she may be tired. :)




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