Monday, July 05, 2010

We Attended NDP 2010 CR3!

Yep! Finally, after years of wishing I could attend the National Day Parade, I finally got tickets to attend the 3rd Rehearsal on Saturday! Thanks to Ed, who got me the tickets because I asked him to help if he could! Thank you so much!!! =)

We parked our car at the National Library for fear of traffic jam at City Hall area. If you still do not know, this year’s National Day Parade will be at Padang! That happens once in 5 years! What a privilege. =D

On our way, walking over to our entrance!



Our tickets were to the Red section, and entrance was via Coleman Street. It was great seats – The section just next to where the President and all the Ministers sit, directly in front of the performance parade. (P.S: The ‘bruise’ underneath her left eye is actually an insect bite, just incase you are wondering :))


We were all dressed in RED! =)


Excited Jayne! =D


And this is our first look into the parade area..


Quite sadly though, even though we were pretty excited to be able to view the Parade, it was drizzling throughout the whole show! Dampened all our moods! All the spectator stands were open air and not sheltered, so everyone had to put on the ponchos provided by the organizers from the beginning till the end. And I must say it was a very unpleasant and uncomfortable experience because the wet ponchos stuck to the skin and made us all very sticky and stuffy. The goody bags and our own bags were damp from the drizzle. I was also very nervous that my kids would fall sick because both were almost drenched from the rain. The seats were very narrow, so it was tough to get out once we were seated. Felt pretty worried that the kids would have a melt-down halfway through the show, but thankfully, we managed to stick it through till the end!

Me in red poncho and Joey in a white one. =)


Joey’s not happy with her poncho at all. =P It makes her uncomfortable and she keeps asking me to take it off her, but no choice….



Both Joey and I wished it didn’t rain… =( Still, we tried to keep our spirits up..


The view was lovely with the skyscrapers as the backdrop.


Baby Jayne, on the other hand, was too small for the poncho obviously and she had her security blanket on her head 90% of the time. It was of course uncomfortable and she kept tugging it off!



In fact, she was happy for most part of the show. Thankfully, she was in a good mood that day, and I stuffed her with lots and lots of biscuits and snacks throughout the whole show!(Food does it for her most of the time)





The Fun Box!


Inside the Fun Box was biscuits, drinks, badges… My impression of the NDP goody bag this year is that it looks aesthetically prettier, but seemed less appealing content-wise.


The clapper also came with lights, which made the whole place look so pretty when it was dark..




And that’s Gurmit Singh, one of the comperes for the show, and the red section directly below the screen is the Choir!



Poor Joey was in a bad mood from the time it started to drizzle, and she was literally crying from the beginning to the end. Sigh… Looks like she is really one timid girl. She was scared when the military officers fired their 3 shots into the air (understandably so because it was super loud and there were other children who started crying as well). She was scared when the fighter planes flew above us. She was scared when the tankers came in. She was scared when the fireworks were in the sky. She was basically scared of everything. Beats me why!


Poor girl, she was so frightened throughout that she kept asking me to cover her ears and couldn’t stop sobbing! It must have been two hours of nightmare to her. =P


When it was time for the military to march out of the parade square and for the various vehicles to do their parade, Joey calmed down slightly. She actually enjoyed watching the fire engines and SCDF rescue vehicles drive past before our eyes. Phew! At least something that interested her!



When it started to get dark, everything lit up and became really pretty. :)



Just some snippets of the show. Not going to spoil it for all of you who might be watching the actual parade. =)



They casted different lightings on the Supreme Court pillars and I thought it looked really majestic and nice.



This was the only photo of the fireworks I caught, before we hastily left just before the show officially ended. My Joey was too scared of the fireworks that she wanted to leave!

Gosh, even though it was one ‘traumatic’ experience for Joey for most part of the show, I was still glad she attended the show and at least ‘experienced’ it for herself. :) And I was happy that I managed to fulfil this little wish of mine. =D