Monday, April 25, 2011

Haji Lane Has Become Our Turf

It’s crazy, I know. We’ve been going to Haji Lane way too frequently. But that place’s really cool and you HAVE to visit it if you have not (even after reading SO MANY posts here about that lane!!!).

Last weekend after one of the service, we brought our dear friend and the kids’ god-mother, Serene, to visit Haji Lane. I’m glad to say we’ve yet converted another person to be a Haji Lane supporter! =D If we’re in the game of Monopoly, we would have owned the place by now. Haha!


Only Jayne was with us that day, and we went to have dinner at our favourite kebab place. As always, their kebabs were delicious!!


A very hungry Serene who’s happy that we brought her to a place with nice food! Hehe..


Jayne was soooo cute. She was being hyperactive as usual (trying to climb onto the tables actually, ahem), and one of the waitresses asked her jokingly, ‘Are you a boy???’


She straightened up and told her seriously, ‘No, I’m Ah-Jayne!’ Muahahahahahaha. That made the lady laugh out loud. Then in the same tone, Jayne went on to introduce the rest of us by pointing to us, ‘Mummy.’, ‘Papa’, ‘Ah-ma’ (her version of Gan-ma). Haha, it was hilarious.

I ordered my usual – Chicken kebab with french fries and Moroccan Tea!



Funnily, although I’ve been to Haji Lane many times, this was the first time I actually walked the place in the evening. Turned out to be a much better experience because the air was cool and some of the shops that were usually closed during the day were opened! I found several interesting shops with merchandises I really liked and promised myself to go back again. =)

Put these two photos side-by-side and you can see the full view of Haji Lane!


Jayne was just pouncing here and there enjoying the place as much as we did. =D In some of the shops, the owners would play with her while we browsed around. Awwwww, I love the carefree and very friendly shop culture in this place. =D



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