Friday, June 17, 2011

Joey Day Was So Awesome It Ought To Be A Gazetted Public Holiday

Seriously, nothing beats spending alone time with my first born. The baby takes up too much attention and time, and it’s hard to really focus on this daughter who’s growing up so fast everyday. The last thing I want is for Joey to feel that I love Baby Jayne more and I don’t have time for her because I need to spend more time with the younger one. So, once in a while, I take time out and bring Joey out just for some special treats for this special little girl. I hope her love tank can be filled to the brim! =D

We were invited to the Science Centre for some programmes on that day, so we decided to leave the house early to take a bus to Jurong East. Joey loves bus rides, so it was a real treat for her. =) Pretty refreshing for me too, cos I seldom take buses.



We boarded a really old bus, but it was nice. Just the two of us chit-chatting during the journey and looking out at the scenery. Love bus rides for this reason – There’s so much to see along the way! MRT rides are so much more boring in comparison.


We alighted opposite the road from Science Centre and found that we were standing right in front of the Jurong East Community Library. We had some time to spare, so we decided to spend it in the library. It’s not everyday I have so much time to read storybooks to Joey. She was thrilled! =)


The children’s section in the library was awesome. It was such a cosy and conducive environment to read. There was such a large collection of books. Joey took 10 minutes to find all kind of storybooks for me to read to her!


She loves having stories read to her, so it was really a great bonding time for us in the library. We were only there for about 30 minutes and read about 10 books, but it was all fun. We both enjoyed ourselves so much.


Then we went to get ourselves a drink. Saw this new bubble tea shop and we grabbed a milk tea with grass jelly to try. It was nice!! =D Both Joey and I are bubble tea lovers!


Then for lunch, we shared a pasta with fried chicken. Double yummy cos we shared a plate. =)


We then spent the whole afternoon at the Science Centre, but that’s a post for another day. =) I knew Joey enjoyed herself tremendously because she commented on our way home, ‘Mummy, this is the goodest day ever!’ Haha, not the best English, but definitely the best thing I heard all day! Joey Day truly rocks! =D

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