Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Perfect Gift For Daddy: A HP Printer No Less!

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Father’s Day is coming in a few days’ time, and if you have yet to get something for your dad or to appreciate your husband for being a wonderful dad to your kids, why don’t you consider something that’s both practical and interesting? Presenting the HP Photo Smart wireless printer:

DSC_0004 (3)

HP very kindly sent over the printer for us to try out. Remember I blogged about the HP ENVY printer they sent over to me recently, and how I really adored that printer?? It’s amazing how I’ve found yet another printer I totally loved!

The kids were excited at the arrival of the printer. They couldn’t stop touching it for one thing. And Joey was itching to try the machine!


Basically, this printer has many similar functions as the HP ENVY which I reviewed previously, but this printer wins hands-down in its speed of printing! Before I could even say HP Photo Smart, the printout had come out! Amazingly fast and yet produced top-quality prints. We tried out many of the functions that I didn’t mention in my earlier post and I’m so excited to share with you!

Love the touch screen menu. Really simple to use. We tried out the COPY function!


Joey took out one of her most favourite colouring books…


We wanted an exact similar print-out! Would it look as nice and colourful??!

DSC_0010 (2)

To prevent error printing & wastages, check out the preview on the screen before choosing the option of printing in B&W or colour. =) Super user-friendly. Joey could manage all that herself even!



The printout was perfect! Seriously, it almost looked 3D.


Just like the HP ENVY, this printer allows wireless printing. So if you have an IPAD, this is one printer that can really serve your needs. =)


And since Father’s Day is coming up, I got Joey to draw something on the Doodle Board and send it for print via email. Wireless rocks. =)



Wonderfully done!


Now if you are looking for a printer that not only serves the needs of one or two people in the household, but for every one both young and old, you’d be happy to know that the HP Photo Smart printer not only scan, copy and print, it also comes with many interesting features and programmes that can bring so much fun and joy!

I was excited to see Kungfu Panda programme among many other interesting cartoon movie productions. It’s a function that allows you to print out colouring sheets for the kids, or some art & craft and exercise worksheets.


The Sesame Street one was awesome - You could print out the entire storybook and read to your kids! Way too cool!


The kids were really thrilled!!! =D I’d love to print out every storybook and make them into little pretty booklets for them.



For my father-in-law who’s a Sudoku addict, I decided that the best gift we could give him for Father’s Day is a compilation of Sudoku puzzles printable from the printer! There were even different levels of difficulties to test one’s skills!



For my very organised hubby, the QUICK FORMS functions allowed me to print out calendars as well as to-do lists for him. So very useful even for me!



How come I feel like I’m not talking about a printer anymore?? I say, this is a mega-fabulous-multi-tasking-and-multi-talented machine! I absolutely love it! Thank you HP! Nobody can resist a capable gadget, so go out to the major stores to get your very own HP Photo Smart printer TODAY! =D

Thank you HP once again for a great printing experience. =)

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