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Monday, September 19, 2011

BOSCH Dishwasher FREE Trial!

Sponsored Review

Life has not been the same ever since she came to stay in my home. She took over all the dirty and unpleasant tasks, and totally relieved me of doing stuffs I hate to do. She is a god-send and I thank God for her everyday of my life.

Yes, I’m talking about my BOSCH Dishwasher. It’s a she, because she’s pretty. And very helpful.


Now, I don’t have to feel burdened every time after a meal, because I know she’s going to do a great job cleaning up every dish, bowl and fork for me. And definitely doing a way better job than if I had washed them myself.

Quite frankly, when I first started using my Bosch dishwasher, I spent quite a substantial amount of time arranging the dishes and bowls in the best way possible. But now that I’ve got the hang of it, it actually saves me time! After a meal, I can just chuck the dirty dishes in and let it wash while I spend time with my kids! Now, tell me how awesome that is! Precious time with my kids made possible by my dishwasher??! According to some research info given to me by Bosch, the dishwasher saves up to 3 weeks of time per year as compared to washing dishes by hand! Time = Money!


The best part is of course, once the dishwasher is done, I open it up to find warm, clean, sterilised dishes all ready for their next use. Seriously, there is NO WAY my dishes can be THIS clean even if I scrubbed and cleaned with all my might.


Not sure if I mentioned this, but BOSCH dishwasher is extremely quiet. It’s embarrassing, but the first time I switched it on, I actually switched it off and on many, many times, because it was so quiet I thought it was not working. I almost called the Bosch hotline wanting to ask for help, until I realised it had actually already started washing. It was just totally noiseless. I felt really silly. =P And so, sometimes after a late dinner, I would sometimes leave the dishwasher to wash overnight because it absolutely makes no noise and wouldn’t disturb my kids at all. Perfect for me, I say. =)


Not only does the Bosch dishwasher wash 8 times faster than manual dishwashing, it also uses up to 9 times less water, saving you more on utility bills. So why not try it today? Head down to any Harvey Norman store to try out a dishwasher for free! If you are not convinced by its effectives, you can simply return it for a FULL REFUND. Offer is valid from today till 16 October 2011. I say this is a good chance for you to try out a dishwasher for yourself and find out the difference! =D


I promise you, life will not be the same ever again. =D

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