Monday, October 17, 2011

New Pasir Ris Swimming Complex

My parents stay at Pasir Ris and they’ve been telling me months ago to bring the kids to the new Pasir Ris Swimming Complex that recently opened near the MRT station. We finally brought the kids there after church yesterday, and it turned out to be such an awesome place!


From outside the complex, we could see the tall and huge slides inside, and I thought the entry fees would be pretty high. Turned out, this is actually a normal public swimming pool so entry fees are standard rates at $1/child and $2/adult. Public swimming pools are getting so sophisticated and happening nowadays!!! =D


As expected, having such an awesome facility in a heartland would definitely draw huge crowds. It being a Sunday evening, the whole place was practically packed with adults and kids alike. I loved the atmosphere in that place!


The kids were naturally super excited. They were wearing their new matching swimsuits for the first time! We bought them at our recent Bangkok trip. =)



And the kids were especially hyped up because Grandpa came along and swam with them too!!! It’s been YEARS since I last swam with my dad. Muahahahahaha!


And as what every good swimming pool must have in this era, this swimming complex is equipped with a fabulous water playground!



Baby Jayne was so courageous! She braved through the splashing waters and water jets everywhere and went down the slides into the water so many times. Quite frankly, even I felt intimidated when I went up the playground with her – Water was coming onto our faces and eyes from everywhere and all the time, OMG. I am seriously too old for such things.



There is also a small Jacuzzi pool next to the water playground for some soaking relaxation. Nice layout of the swimming complex – I like!


Joey still could find the courage for such stunts, so she stuck to floating in the pool in her float. =P It was still a lot of fun and very cooling on a hot humid day.



Had a good time playing with my kids at the pool. One of the awesom-est parts about Singapore is the readily available, great quality public play areas for families, at affordable rates! =)




And of course, wonderful time spent with Gong Gong! =)


This is how an awesome Sunday evening should be. =)

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