Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Daughter's Wedding Dress

No, my daughter's not getting married (yet).

But this is just as touching a milestone in her life - She's going to be a flower girl for the first time in her life! And she's going to look all sweet & pretty in this white wedding dress.

Joey almost became a flower girl when my BFF got married, but she backed out at the last minute. =.= So her younger sister is going to do it before her! Fingers crossed, Baby Jayne would do it so well!

Baby Jayne is very excited about her upcoming endeavour. She has been talking about it day and night. Whether or not she misunderstood that she was not actually going to be the bride, I like her enthusiasm. That should balance out the fear of walking down the aisle with hundreds of eyes staring at her (gasps, sounds daunting suddenly). Thankfully, she will have other flower girls doing it with her, one of whom is her buddy in cell group. That should be quite comforting, I hope.

I will try not to cry when she walks down the aisle in that white wedding dress. I try.

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