Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Family Holiday In Perth: Margaret River

So, from Busselton, we continued driving till we reached Margaret River, where we had booked our accommodation for the night. What a pleasant surprise it was, when we found our accommodation to be a little cottage surrounded by really beautiful flower bushes! Try googling for this place if you are planning to travel to Margaret River as well - The price & the location are good!

The whole place was just really beautiful with colourful flowers and bushes everywhere, and it felt magically being there.

Our one-bedroom apartment came with a double-decker bed (which doubled up as a sofa as well) in the living room, kitchenette and a double bed in the bedroom.

Right outside the bedroom was a lovely little garden. :)

Every cottage had a veranda in front with a BBQ pit and table/chairs. It might be nice to have a little BBQ there actually!

It was already evening time, so we decided to find a place to settle dinner and have an early night. Hubby had been driving for hours the whole day! I didn't have much information about Margaret River, so we just went by instinct to find a restaurant, and as we were driving towards the beach, we chanced upon the Sea Gardens Cafe, and we liked it so much! So much so that we went back for breakfast the next day, haha!

I love it that there were alfresco dining, but it was too cold for us to dine outdoors! So, we settled for semi-alfresco. :)

Every day's menu was written on this board, so customers can refer to it when ordering.

It was a really nice restaurant with white & blue decor.

The girls still looked very fresh after a day of travelling! :)

They could walk around and explore the outdoor area, as there were not many customers anyway. Pretty relaxing place.

We ordered chilli prawn pizza (very appetizing & yums!)..

.. and Fish & Chips!

The restaurant looked somewhat different the next morning when we went back for breakfast. Nice still. :)

Love western brekkie! =) Joey loves scrambled eggs and Jayne loves bacon! I love all of them! =D

After breakfast, we went to check out the cliffs and the sea view. Really gorgeous views we can get there.

It was really cold but there were surfers waiting to surf! There was even tents set up for vendors selling BBQ hotdog buns etc. The aroma of BBQ was everywhere in the air - So nice!

I could stand there & stare at the sea for the longest time. So serene & beautiful - Therapeutic for my soul. I'm loving this self-drive holiday!

- To be continued -

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