Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Family Holiday In Perth: Cape Lavender

One of the reasons why we chose to go to Perth was because we wanted to visit Cape Lavender Farm at Margaret River. Our Perth trip was partially sponsored by FAB Singapore, to visit a lavender farm and have a lavender experience in celebration of their new fragrance for their washing detergent - Fab Lavender. My mother-in-law is all praise for this new fragrance because it makes all our clothes smell really wonderful. My household has since switched to Fab Lavender after she tried the sponsored packet sent to us to try. There is a freshness about the scent of lavender that makes me feel that my clothes are really clean. So, I'm happy to make the switch as well.

We managed to find our way to Cape Lavender after stopping to look at location maps and asking some locals.

We were rather disappointed to be told that the lavender fields were no longer maintained at the Cape Lavender, and all that's left was some lavender bushes and the shop/cafe. That was not what the contact person told me when I emailed asking about the place a few weeks back! Nevertheless, I did manage to try the lavender scones that I wanted so much to try.

The shop sells all kinds of lavender products such as soaps, fragrance sachets, shampoo, body wash, tea leaves and jams etc.

The lady tending the shop was very lovely and friendly, and we had a nice tea session with her chatting away, which kinda made the disappointment go away a little.

We went to check out the remnants of the lavender bushes and found them quite pretty still. Thank God!

We were the only guests around then, so the kids roamed and wondered around the vicinity. I thought nobody really visits the place since it's quite far off from the main road, but the shop lady told us that they get quite a good crowd especially during the weekends.

I love the smiles of these girls of mine. :)

There's a lake nearby and lavender bushes flourished around it. So lovely! :)

After a tour around, we settled down for lavender ice-cream, hot tea and scones. The shop lady very kindly told the kids that not everyone likes lavender ice-cream because it's an acquired taste, and not to feel bad if they didn't like it. What she doesn't know is that my kids like ALL KINDS OF ICE CREAM. And they really did enjoyed their lavender ice-cream. =P

So tempted to buy some of these lovely jams home! They look and smell so fresh!

And I got to try the lovely scones with some of those lovely lavender jams! So YUMMY!!!

Perfect with a hot pot of tea. :)

That ended our first visit to a lavender farm. Our next stop was to the Chocolate Factory - that's for the next entry. :)