Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year-End Thanksgiving

It is my cell group's annual tradition to have a thanksgiving gathering at the end of every year. It is a time when we have a fun get-together with good food, give thanks to God for the whole year and for each other. I look forward to it every year! This year, we had the thanksgiving at a very beautiful British colonial house that belongs to one of the members. They graciously opened up their house for us to have a gathering there, and it was so amazing!

There's a huge compound for the kids to run around and play, and the adults had fun feasting over good food and BBQ. I really enjoyed myself with these great bunch of friends in my life. :)

Inside the house, there is a 'play alley', where the kids spent a great deal of time playing in.

One of our highlight dishes for the evening was fried turkey, and our member's friend came along just to help cook this dish for us! It was so amazing witnessing how the whole dish was cooked. First, the container was filled up with peanut oil and boiled to 350 degrees celsius. Then, two mighty men lowered the well-marinated turkey into it like this.

They had to do it really slowly so that the oil won't splash out. I won't even attempt to describe how good the smell was.

The host also made yummy side dishes like this one: Baked sweet potatoes with roasted marshmallows. My 1st time trying such a dish for sure, and it was SO GOOD.

Sweet & appetizing lemonade that was such a crowd-pleaser!

The host also made cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes to go with the turkey. Way too good.

We also couldn't stop munching on these tortilla chips with salsa - Love these chips shaped like a scoop so that the salsa can be scooped up easily!

Our ever-willing men, who helped to BBQ for us to eat! =D

After about an hour, the turkey was done!! Look at the beautiful glaze & colour!

It was absolutely delish. I am not a fan of turkeys because they are usually tough and has a weird smell that I don't like. But this fried version is soft, tender, juicy and super yummy. It actually tasted like a very well-marinated chicken, except that it's much bigger! It went so well with the cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes. Salivating.


The food was awesome, but I guessed the fellowship was more amazing. There was so much to chat and laugh about when we gather together. The kids played like crazy that day - Both my girls were drenched in sweat from all the running around. But I was glad to indulge them - It must be really fun for them. :)

The kids rode bicycles and scooters, played badminton, skipping, catching.... Then they watched cartoons, played Wii and the toys in the play alley. I was glad that the kids were well entertained so that the adults could focus on fellowshipping and feasting!

She was so thrilled to drive this Barbie Jeep! =D

After one round of dinner, we gathered in the house and had a short thanksgiving cell group meeting where hubby shared a word of encouragement, and we all gave thanks for the year and shared about our plans for the coming year. I love spiritual family time like this. :)

As with every year, we prepared a gift for every member in the cell group. This year, hubby even wrote personal notes to every single one! I really hope everyone is blessed and touched. :)

I am really thankful to God for blessing me with such a wonderful spiritual family, who loves me and my family. I thank God especially for everyone who chose to stick close and stand by the Church during this period of time. So grateful for these people of faith and loyalty in the cell group, and I know God will bless everyone with an extraordinary 2013!

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