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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

LEGOLAND Malaysia Review - Part I

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Finally, the J Babies made it to the much-talked-about Legoland!

Legoland Malaysia is a mega theme park packed with more than 40 rides, shows and attractions. There are seven themed areas such as The Beginning, Lego Technic, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Lego City, Land of Adventure & MiniLand. The park opens from 10am to 8pm everyday, and trust me, there are enough activities to occupy you for the whole 10 hours. We spent 9 hours there when we visited, and even though we managed to walk through the entire park, we did not take every ride. It happened to be an extremely crowded day when we were there, so the queues were very long at some of the popular attractions. When visiting such theme parks though, it is very common to queue at least an hour at each attraction.

The kids were really excited that we were going to Legoland - They've been asking me to bring them for months!

Parents would be glad to know that strollers are available for rental at the Park. There are even those with twin seats - Perfect for families with two kids. :)

The moment you enter Legoland, you will find shops selling all kinds of interesting Lego merchandises. Some say that the Lego sets are slightly cheaper there than in shopping malls. What I really like are the Lego statues and figurines that you can see everywhere in the park. It's amazing how many Lego bricks can create such amazing art pieces!

I especially like the Brick Shop because it sells Lego bricks by gram! At first glance, we thought they were candies!

Now you can grab as many multi-coloured bricks as you like, weigh and pay for them!

Christmas is in the air everywhere in Legoland when you visit during this season. :) I love the Christmas carols playing in the air, and many Christmas decorations you can see in the park. There is even a Christmas tree entirely made up of Lego bricks, including the candles & star at the top! :)

We explored the park section by section, and the first place we stopped by was the driving school where Joey & Jayne drove mini cars in circuits.

There are several huge playgrounds within Legoland for the kids to run and play in. While the kids go for the slides and swings, the parents gladly rest in the shelter. :P

We had lunch at the Market Restaurant within Lego City. The food was surprisingly not as expensive as I thought it would be. The chicken rice set cost RM21, and came with fruit cup & drink.

I really love how Lego characters and figurines are used everywhere in the decor! :)

There is a train that runs through the entire park called the Legoland Express, which we did not manage to take.

We were more fascinated by the fountain made out of Lego bricks right in front of the station. So real-life, it's amazing!

We did have lots of fun at the attraction next to the Legoland Express. For families with kids, this could well be the most interactive station for us - Everyone could play a part in the race! Each family had to pump-drive one of these vehicles to the front, get down from the vehicle and splash water at some targets. My arms were aching after the game!!

It was such a fun family game! =D

My personal favourite among the seven themed area was the Land of Adventure because of this:

So amazing, can??

The kids had crazy fun inside this indoor ball shooting centre! I feared for my life when I entered it - there were balls flying everywhere! LOL!

We took several rides inside this area of Legoland. Baby Jayne and I had lots of fun on this one! (Joey abandoned us and backed out last minute!) Basically, we were lifted up to a certain height then dropped suddenly and bounced up and down. Baby Jayne was so brave, she kept laughing! Really fun ride. =D


And we next went for one of the kids' favourite rides! Our car went into the cave and we had to use our laser guns to shoot at target boards - FUN!!!

Love this Lego camel! =D

If you love fast rides with water splashing onto your faces, you have to try this ride within the Land of Adventure. We didn't try because out hearts were too weak, but the people sure looked like it was fun! You are sure to get wet for this one.

Legoland's too big to be covered in one entry, so I'll continue tomorrow! =)

The J Babies received complimentary tickets to visit the park. This is Part 1 of a three-part review on Legoland. All photographs and opinions are 100% my own.