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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hong Kong Ocean Park

I totally behaved like an excited hyperactive kid when I stepped foot on Ocean Park. It's a place I've always wanted to go but don't know why I never got to. With Baby Jayne on this trip, it was too valid a reason to finally go there. Apart from the wonderful and joyous holiday mood in the air, our theme park experience at the Ocean Park was amazing because the weather was nice and cool, and there was practically no queues at all! It would be a big dampener if we had to queue for hours at every ride. The crowds only started to pour in in the late afternoon when we were about to leave. Perfecto.

This is possibly the only fun part of our Hong Kong trip for Baby Jayne, since the rest of it was walking the streets and eating, non of which interests her much. =P

The park's pretty huge, and we only covered the new sections while we were there. BFF looked very excited because she can't wait to get on those only-crazy-people-would-ride roller coasters. I can faint just looking at them.

Near the entrance was a huge stage where performances were taking place. It was still the Lunar New Year period, so the performances were all celebrating the occasion. The drum performance was very impressive through - Love the energy and vibrancy in the place.

Meet the legendary cable cars. They looked so cute all round and plump.

Love this Old Hong Kong street section of the park, where there were old vintage buildings, and sale of childhood snacks.

The 1st ride we took was extremely child friendly - The carousel! Baby Jayne got put onto a pretty high seahorse, which explained the look of horror on her face.

Eventually, we had to change to a more height-friendly horse because the staff warned us that the seahorse was not suitable for Baby Jayne. =P

Then it's cable car time! We had to take it all the way to the top of the hill where all the scary rides were.

Admittedly, I was a little scared from such a height, especially when the windows could be slid open. Baby Jayne was unfazed and kept wanting to stick out her hand through those grilles! I almost hyperventilated.

I tried to concentrate instead on the gorgeous views outside.

I thought this was such a classic sight of Ocean Park - something I would remember for years to come. :)

Upon alighting from the cable car, my crazy friends started their crazy roller-coaster hopping journey. The rest of us watched.

And ate ice cream.

This was the ultimate fright for me - I was not even on it. Just looking at it was scary enough.

Yes, it went all the way up there and came down the other way. Crazy or what???

Apparently, my friends thought it was great fun.

Back to more child-friendly stuffs, we visited the penguin enclosure where we met cute penguins.

Then we took the sky tower ride. The views were lovely. :)

So serene and calm.

After my crazy friends got too giddy from all the rides, we went easy for the rest of the time in Ocean Park and let Baby Jayne play in the Whiskers Harbour.

We took the mini train ride that went so slow I nearly fell asleep. Baby Jayne liked it though.

And we took the Hong Kong flyer.

Before leaving the park, we bought a soft toy each for Baby Jayne & Joey. Really soft & fluffy, and surprisingly not expensive!

The big penguin with pink jacket is for Joey, and costs less than $30!

Love Ocean Park! =)