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Monday, February 25, 2013

Restaurants In Hong Kong: Dim Sum

I just spent four days in Hong Kong, and it's been a trip of eating non-stop.

Before the trip, many friends gave us recommendations of must-try restaurants and cafes, and while we didn't manage to try everything of course, our tummies were treated to some of the best food around. It was one of the few trips I was not involved in the planning, and it was a luxury having my friends bring me everywhere. Still, I felt extremely tired and drained after the trip because we had to take crowded MTR everywhere we went - Getting to a place usually involved changing trains for two or three times. I don't understand why the Hong Kong MTR network had to be built that way, but my friends said it might be a crowd-diversion strategy. Still, everywhere we went was crowded with lots of people. Thankfully, the weather was superb - Cool at 20 degrees during the day, and there was no rain at all throughout our stay there.

I reckon I should share the various restaurants we tried in Hong Kong, since that should be of interest to people planning a trip there. There are several main categories of food that you have to try in Hong Kong, so I will be doing a Hong Kong food series in these categories as well. Today, let's talk about DIM SUM.

1. 老點

First meal in Hong Kong was at 老點 dim sum restaurant at Mongkok. It was a backup plan because the original restaurant we were searching for had shifted location. The dim sum was presented in a most sophisticated manner which made the lunch a rather enjoyable one.

Address, in case you are interested to try. :)

Steamed pork

Deep fried wantons

Sesame balls with bean paste (YUMS!) - Crispy and very fragrant especially with the sesame seeds.

Braised Chicken feet

Beef balls

Prawn in Beancurd skin (YUMS!) - The teriyaki sauce was a pleasant surprise that brightened up the taste.

"Har Gaw" (Prawn dumplings)

Char Siew Bao

With large chunks of sweet meat. YUMS!

Chicken in Chinese wine

The food was not too bad, but I thought it was a tad expensive. We spent 220HKD for 4 adults and 1 kid, and we didn't order much.

2. Tim Ho Wan (添好運)
Olympian City 2, Shop G27A G/F, 18 hoi Ting Road

This was the restaurant we were looking for on the first day. It was relocated from its original location to a shopping mall, which was a good thing because the restaurant has long queues everyday. To get a seat, you typically need to queue for 1.5 hours each time. At the new venue, the shop's much bigger and the queue time was significantly reduced. We reached for early lunch and didn't need to queue as there happened to be a table just for us. Right after we sat down, we saw queues starting to form like a long snake. Phew!

If you only have the chance to try one dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, THIS IS IT. I kid you not, the char siew bao is so heavenly, I am still thinking about it now. By the way, their char siew bao received Michelin rating, so that should mean something.

Char Siew Bao - This is the famous must-order item on the menu. You will notice that it looks different from the traditional char siew bao, and it's more like a pastry than a bao. The outer crust was so chewy and has a very distinct and fragrant taste. The sweet meat inside was also very yummy. I absolutely love it!

Steamed rice rolls - These chewy and light. It's amazing how thin they make the skin to be.

Deep fried spring rolls

Deep fried beancurd skin with prawns

Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Large chunks of meat found inside!

Pan fried turnip cake - Very yummy with strips of turnip tasted!

Braised Chicken feet

Steamed beef balls

The food was so yummy and we paid only HKD110, half of what we paid for the first dim sum meal we had!

As for Baby Jayne, all she really ate was all the prawn dumplings - A little cholesterol overload, I know. =P

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