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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Her Peculiar Hobby

Baby Jayne has a peculiar hobby.

She can be self-entertained by this hobby for up to an hour sometimes. I call it peculiar because I cannot understand why.

We have a file folder where we keep all the kids' cartoon DVDs. Baby Jayne would take them out one by one from the sleeves, stack them up like pancakes, then put them back one by one again. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

I don't understand how fun this whole process can be, but some people just like to do mundane things, I suppose. When I feel stressed up, I also enjoy doing mundane things that require little or no brain juice because it is therapeutic in its own way.

It is interesting to watch her because she makes absolutely no noise and is mostly expressionless while going through the motion.  Yes, very much like a robot.

But anything that can occupy the little for a long time must be good. Now, all I need to do is to channel this organizing and sorting hobby of hers to my wardrobe, and maybe one day, it can too become neat and tidy. =P

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