Thursday, March 14, 2013

Togi Korean Restaurant

Hubby brought me to try this Korean restaurant near Chinatown, and it was my first taste of authentic Korean cuisine. Sure I've eaten at many Korean restaurants before, but the food served at Togi was a notch higher in terms of authenticity. For one, the boss and all the waiters are Korean, so I would think that the chefs are all Korean as well. Everything we ordered that day was good.

Chilled tea is served at every table. Even that tasted good. =P

The side dishes were served the moment we were seated down. I didn't like all of them, but I thought the achar and kimchi were especially good.

Spicy chicken soup was flavourful with lots of chicken chunks.

LOVE their potato pancake. I've tasted several versions before, but this is the only version that I could taste the potatoes so vividly. Absolutely a delight. Even the boss walked over and told us we ordered a very awesome dish. Haha.

Hubby loved this spicy rice cakes dish. The rice cakes were very chewy, and the sauce complemented it very well. There were many nice ingredients in it as well - fish cakes, carrots, dumplings,etc. It is comfort food in the highest form.

I will surely be back to taste the other dishes, especially the BBQ meats served with fresh lettuce! The table next to us ordered that and I drooled just looking at them. =P

Togi Korean Restaurant
11 Mosque St  Singapore 059491

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