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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mum's Diary: Superman & Superwoman

Transiting to Primary One is a big deal for kids. It's the beginning of formal education in Singapore and for many of the kids, it's their first encounter with serious and intensive studying. Apart from the kid feeling the stress and heat, the parents usually get stressed up and nervous as well, especially if it's the first time for them. I started this series to document the chronological order of events, my intimate thoughts and emotions on this journey, and it will continue until Joey settles down in Primary One. Hopefully, as we go along, the posts would become more and more positive and encouraging. I do believe in that. :)

17 April 2013

Tonight, we welcomed Superman & Superwoman to have a short stay at our place.

Meet Superman & Superwoman:

Joey came home from school one day and asked me in all seriousness whether she can bring her class pets home. Apparently, her Form Teacher brought two terrapins to school one fine day and declared that they were the class pets. The students could also take turns to bring them home to take care of them. Joey, as expected, volunteered immediately and so, they are now in our house. Hopefully not for too long.

I thought kids nowadays would be a lot more creative than kids of my time. I thought they would come up with cool names like Bieber or Taylor or someone popular now in the pop scene. But apparently, Joey's classmates all thought that Superman & Superwoman were the nicest names, and that was basically the story of how the terrapins got their (boring) names.

It cannot get more coincidental than this, but in the same week, Jayne came home and told her that she has got terrapins as class pets too! Initially, I thought she was just mimicking what her sister told us, but after checking with her teacher, I realised it was true. There must be one huge conspiracy going on in the education scene to have terrapins as class pets. Low maintenance and don't bite, perhaps?

You should have seen Joey's expression when she showed us the terrapins. She is more than mighty proud of them. I think it is meaningful to allow the kids to take turns to bring the pets home. In the process, they learnt about caring for little pets, responsibility and accountability. Learning is really more than just chewing on information in books, but experiential learning through activities like this. It also promotes a sense of ownership among the students over the class pet. Good move, really!

However, I do think that one week is more than sufficient to fulfil all the objectives of this activity, and Superman & Superwoman should make their way back to the classroom by next week, thank you very much.

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