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Friday, April 19, 2013

Seoul Yummy Is So Yummy

My love for Korean food started not too long ago. I'm not sure whether it's caused by my love for Korean drama & Running Man, but I like it that their dishes are usually sour and spicy, just the way I like it. One of my favourite Korean restaurants would be Seoul Yummy, because of all the different dishes I've tried there so far, I liked everything! There used to be an outlet at Suntec City, so my colleagues and I would eat there rather frequently. But after renovation works started, I've been missing my favourite restaurant, so on one of my off days, hubby and I went to the outlet at The Central and satisfied our craving!

What's really drawing us back to the restaurant time after time is this dish called 'Army Stew'. It is a steamboat sort of thing, but all the ingredients are already put into the huge pot on a stove right from the start. Once it starts bubbling away, you can start feasting! We usually try the meat version (lots of different meats inside), but this time round, we ordered the seafood version which was also awesome!

Side dishes are always served at Korean restaurants. Their kimchi is good!

Check out this delicacy. The seafood version has got prawns, squids, mussels, fish slices, flower crabs and clams! The usual other ingredients include baked beans, cabbage, luncheon meat (Oh yes!), beancurd, rice cakes, mushrooms, instant noodles and kimchi! Because of the big portion, this is usually shared by 2 or 3 people.

The Army stew set consists of the stew, two bowls of rice, two teas, a set dish & a dessert of your choice. Not exactly cheap at $49.90++, but sharing it with friends meant you only pay less than $30 per pax. For a full meal that's yummy, I think it's reasonable!

This is my choice of side dish every time - Potato pancake! Very yummy!

And this is the first time we tried this dessert. It was awesome, and a very sweet finishing to our lovely meal. :) Warm red bean soup with rice balls, served with heart-shaped marshmallows.  Really quite nice.

If you are a fan of Korean food, go check out Army Stew at Seoul Yummy! :)

P/S: Not an advertorial!

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