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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My New Love: Halogen Oven

My mother-in-law has been talking about buying a halogen oven for the longest time. She used to own one and said it roasts chicken to perfection, and it's a definite necessity in the kitchen. When I talked about getting an oven to bake cakes and cookies, she suggested that a halogen oven would be a better choice because it can do both roast chicken AND cakes. So, we finally bought one from Cash Converter - Haha, my mum-in-law is a fervent supporter of Cash Converter. This particular one we got from there is a brand new one that costs us only $45. Really quite a bargain, I say!

Many friends haven't heard of a halogen oven before, and this is basically what it looks like:

My friend, Google, tells me that a halogen oven works on the theory of infra red waves, and it's able to cook things using lesser power (thus saving electricity) in a shorter time. Whole roast chicken can be done to perfection in 30 minutes flat, and when I tried baking cakes, it's all done in 20 minutes. The other good thing about halogen oven is that it's made of glass and you can watch the entire cooking process, and adjust your temperature and timing accordingly as you go along.

The first thing I did was to bake some butter cupcakes, and they turned out really fine! You would have seen them on instagram if you are following me. I proudly whats-apped the photo to my mum, who is a baking expert, and she commented that I definitely have a flair for baking, and my cupcakes look great. Yay!


Then subsequently, I attempted to cook lunch for my kids using the halogen oven. Made mashed potatoes and baked fish with mushrooms. Turned out quite nice too!

Those silicon trays and this metal tray are from Daiso, by the way. My baked fish is very simple - Just lay a bed of cabbage, place fish on it, drizzle soya sauce, sesame oil, chopped garlic and ginger, and I added in my kids' favourite button mushrooms.

There is a tier stand that came along with the oven, so I can bake everything in one sitting. Perfect if you ask me. That's my fish at the bottom, and the mashed potatoes at the top.

Watch the entire cooking process to make sure nothing gets burnt!

Turned out rather pretty, eh?? =P

The fish didn't look as good, but taste-wise, it's not too bad. This is a very quick and convenient way to fix a meal fast. :)

I expect more halogen recipes should be coming your way as I experiment more! =D I love my halogen oven!!! (Not an advertorial ah!)

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