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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Very Adorable ME

I think my kids are the cutest things on earth. Way cuter than any other kids I've met in my entire life. Now, don't tell me you don't think that of your kids - Cos that's not being true to yourself. Face up to reality: We parents are biased towards our own kids.

And so, the reasonable logic goes that cute people produce cute people. Since my kids are so cute, they must have been produced by the cutest people around. Yes, I'm talking about ME.

Behold my cuteness.

There's definitely a JAYNE in that toddler look of mine. By the way, my mum was a seamstress, so she made most of the clothes I wore. I thought this white jumper suit with hood was such a classic.

It is an irony that I obviously didn't have much hair on my head then, even though I have a head full of thick locks now. There is hope, people, there is hope.

Me at Kindergarten graduation transformed into a JOEY look by then. A typical bowl-cut hairstyle which was so much in fashion then.

Cute produces cute, so that cuteness continues to rule the earth. Amen.

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