Tuesday, May 21, 2013

21st May Is Jayne Day


Today is Jayne's 4th birthday. There are many reasons why I love Jayne, apart from the fact that she is my daughter. It is easy to love someone like her. She is such a darling who tugs at many people's hearts.


90% of the time, Jayne is jovial and happy. I pray she stays this way all her life because facing life's every challenge with a smile always makes it easier. Plus, everyone around her gets infected by her jovialness that the whole world becomes a better place.


I love Jayne for her affection. She's not embarrassed to show it and is always ready with a hug and kiss. It's always good to be open with one's feelings and emotions, and perhaps that's one of the reasons why she can stay happy all the time. I love letting her shower her affections on me all the time. Makes me feel super loved.



Jayne is a typical girl who has much to share, much to talk about and much to contribute all the time. It's perhaps a good thing too because she speaks rather well for her age, both in English & in Mandarin. Thank God her talking volume is not high most of the time, so her chattering is tolerable most of the time. When she's not talking, she's usually singing and twirling around  pretending to be a princess. :P


You probably cannot tell but Jayne is an extremely courageous girl. She has a high threshold for pain, and wouldn't drop a tear if she hurt herself unless it was really bad. I still remember as a baby, she would usually not cry when we bring her for her immunisation jabs. Most of the time, her face would twitch when the needle poked in but that's about it. And, she's totally not scared of insects - She's usually the one who chases after the small insects in the house with a tissue paper in hand and exterminate them while Joey and I stand screaming on a chair. This girl is made for great things, I tell ya.


My girls are just like them - Natural drama queens. So it's no surprise that Jayne is extremely expressive. She can act very well when given a role, complete with full imagination of what the role would say, react or behave. She did a impersonation of me before and it made me roll over in laughter at the tone of her voice, expression and hand gestures. She has a talent for this, undeniably.

How not to love a girl like her? :)


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