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Thursday, May 02, 2013

"Bye! I'm Going To Get Married!"

My kids have always been drama queens. The husband blames it entirely on my genes, and I'm not denying it.

The littlest one in the family is always imaginative and constantly tells us all kinds of stories involving different imaginary friends. Interestingly, she reuses a few of the names all the time, so at some point, I actually became confused if they are real or imaginary. She would spin stories of what her friends did and what they told her, and pretend talk to them on her toy phone. Pretty normal stuff for a four-year-old.

Recently, she started a new antic though - She would carry her backpack, put on a special pair of shoes and declare loudly, "Bye! I am going to get married!"

Behold her wedding day look.

Dora backpack - Her favourite, absolutely understandable.

But these, I have difficulties comprehending why she chose this pair of (ahem) clogs among her many pairs of beautiful shoes. I half suspect it's because of the court-court sounds they make when she walks. You know, like high-heel shoes.

When asked who she was going to marry, she answered without hesitation, "DADDY!"

Congrats, Mr Kuan. You've got yet another admirer in da house. =)

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