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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Making Of Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes

It was my first baking class of any sort.
The irony of life is that while I enjoyed baking (during my Home Economics days xx years ago), I've never owned an oven till I bought a halogen oven some weeks back. Even that's not exactly the convention kind of oven that can produce beautiful cakes, but it was exciting enough for me. And so with much enthusiasm and gusto, I signed up for the Munch Ministry baking class (part of Singapore Mom Bloggers' 1st year anniversary celebration) to learn how to make Hokkaido Chiffon cakes!
It was hard to imagine that these lovely cakes came out of me and my partner's hands. And have I mentioned the smell? Nothing short of heavenly.
The class was held at the Civil Service Club and its newly renovated kitchen was perfect for the class.
It was my first time meeting many of the SMB mummy bloggers whom I've conversed with online, and it was really fun. These mummies are fun-loving and funny people both online and in person. :)
The teachers demonstrated how the ingredients should be prepared and mixed. Then we worked in pairs to make our own. It was really fun (and stressful). I do not wish to expound on this, but we had some difficulties separating our egg whites & egg yolks. NONETHELESS, we do not focus on the failures, but at the final product, which were gorgeous and yummy. :P
The pros made it seem so easy, but when we got down to actually doing it, it was not that easy. Need. More. Practice.
But I guess the main thing was that we had lots of fun. :)
And we went home with these yummy goodies! So mightily proud of ourselves. :P
Thank you SMB & Munch Ministry for organizing this fun baking class! :)
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