Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Kids-Friendly Cafe: Eat.Play.Love Craft Cafe

Remember I visited the Eat.Play.Love craft cafe recently and blogged about it here?

Well, because there was a private party going on that Saturday we went, I decided to bring the kids again yesterday because we had to bring Joey for her medical review, and so both kids didn't go to school. It's always good to go anywhere on Mondays because that's when the weekend crowds are gone. :)

There were zero kids, so my kids had the whole place to themselves. :P For $5 per head, you can do art and craft using all the materials provided in the cafe for two hours. There are lots of little stuffs and materials provided such as fabric balls, felt cloth, paper, strings, glitter glue, scissors, colouring pencils, hole punchers, markers etc. You can also find many recycled materials such as egg crates, cardboards etc.

The girls were a little lost when we started. They were not used to the concept of 'freeplay crafting'. Usually, they will be guided along during art and craft sessions, and to give them free rein to create whatever they like using whatever they wish is not so easy. But I love this idea! I think kids should be given the space to create and design what they can think up, and use available materials to translate it from idea to actual. In my opinion, this is how creativity can be honed and improved.

If I have the space in my house, I would absolutely create a corner like this and let the girls craft during their free time. Way better than wasting time on TV, for sure!

For kids who really cannot think of what to create, they can just check out the wall full of artwork left behind by other kids.

In the end, Joey created a door sign for her bedroom. Really nice, I think! :D

And Jayne as usual, her super artistic doodles! =P

Of course, we took the table nearest to the craft area so that we can watch the kids play. Such a wonderful place to chill and enjoy an afternoon while the kids enjoy crafting. It would be perfect if the seats are changed to sofas though! Haha..

And yea, like I mentioned previously, you can find retro and vintage snacks and toys in that cafe. We bought some home simply because we can never resist childhood goodness that pops up in front of our eyes. :)

Address here! They are open everyday from 12pm to 10pm, except Tuesdays (Kitchen closed between 3pm to 6pm, with only cakes, desserts and drinks available at that time).

Post-script: Eat.Play.Love cafe revised their charges for the craft area. On weekdays, it's still $5 for 2 hours, but on weekends, it would be $5/hour.

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