Friday, May 24, 2013

Philips PerfectCare PSG Iron & Ironing Board

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When I first got to know that I will be reviewing the Philips PerfectCare Pressurized Steam Generator Iron (which comes with an ironing board as well), I frankly wasn't expecting much. I mean, how interesting can an iron be? I was expecting just another usual product review experience.

I cannot be more wrong.

Apparently, technology has advanced without my knowledge, and now, irons are able to perform much better, much faster and more economically. I instantly knew that this was no ordinary iron when I saw it for the first time:

I'm sure you now know what I mean.

The first thing you would notice about the Philips PerfectCare PSG iron is probably the water tank base. The iron comes with its own detachable 1.5-litre water tank that can support two hours of ironing without refilling. My mother-in-law's eyes totally lit up when she saw the iron with its own water tank. She had been telling me that only steam irons can iron those clothes with lots of creases due to machine wash. When she tried it on her very 'stubborn' clothes, the creases were flattened with almost no effort at all! I am glad to report that my mother-in-law is very pleased with the performance of the PerfectCare PSG iron. :P

Now if you are wondering if a high performer like this would utilize a lot of electricity, I am happy to tell you that the Philips PerfectCare iron is certified with the Philips Green Logo, which means it can reduce costs, energy consumption and even CO2 emissions! This means that you can iron the toughest fabrics using the least amount of time (No other pressurized steam generator iron is faster from start to finish). Not only will you be using lesser electricity (thus lower utility bill!), you are also doing a part for the environment. Win-win!


The Easy De-Calc knob is a hassle free & effective scale removal to extend the life of the steam generator. When there is a need to empty it, a button will light up. Pretty idiot-proof, and no need to keep track of when the emptying must be done.

With the OptimalTEMP Technology from the PerfectCare PSG iron, you can also use one setting for all types of clothes. That effectively means that you can now iron all ironable garments (silk, cashmere, wool, polyester etc) one after another, without having to wait or to adjust the temperature dial. This is so convenient and safe - No more burning a hole in your favourite top!

For an iron with such an impressive set up, I am sure you would expect that the ironing board is another thing to rave about. I have not seen such a broad ironing board before, quite frankly. And it's wonderful because I find the typical ironing boards a tad too small. Because of the large size, the Philips XL board shape is also ideal for ironing big items such as bed linen and tablecloths. It measures 45cm by 120cm!

With the unique ShoulderWing system, shirt ironing is easier than ever. This innovative system helps you iron shirts with little rearranging, saving you time and effort. The retractable ShoulderWing System can be opened and closed, depending on the type of garment to be ironed.

See how an entire garment can fit onto the board? I no longer have to iron my hubby's clothes one sleeve by one sleeve!


Even if I do that, there's ample space to spread out the fabric so that I can iron easily and conveniently.

There's still space for Baby Jayne to lean her chin on the board, as you can see! It must be quite comfortable, because the board cover is made of 100% cotton and is supported by foam and felt layers. This combination provides a comfortable and smooth ironing surface (and of course, comfortable leaning :P) P/S: When ironing is in progress, always keep the kids away!

Some other features of the ironing board, which made me feel that Philips had put much thought into the needs of the users:

Hanging rail for clothes - No need to make trips back & forth the cupboard during ironing! Just hang freshly-ironed clothes by the rack!


Child & Transport Lock - Child and transport lock prevents the board from accidentally collapsing while ironing and also keeps the board closed during storage. Very useful especially for families with active kids like mine!


XL Iron Tray - The stable and extra-large iron tray is perfect for steam generators. It is also heat resistant and can be safely used with steam irons. Again, safety is a priority.


So far, we are loving our PerfectCare PSG iron & Easy8 ironing board. It's made our ironing experience a lot more pleasant mainly because it gets the job done faster and easier! Anything that makes household chores easier deserves a big round of applause. 

The Philips PerfectCare PSG iron retails at S$699 (with a complimentary Easy8 ironing board worth $299). Available at leading electronics and departmental stores today!

P/S: I received a complimentary Philips PerfectCare iron & ironing board for purpose of the review. All opinions and comments are 100% my own.

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