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Monday, May 27, 2013

Jayne's 4th Birthday Party In School

I wish I could say that Jayne had a very happening birthday party in school, but the truth was she fell sick. :(

But since everything's been planned, we still went ahead with a simple birthday party in her school. She missed school that day, and we only turned up in school at the party time, which was after the kids' nap time. She couldn't really enjoy herself because she was obviously not feeling her best. But she still had fun, I believe. She enjoys the company of her friends so much, I'm sure she's happy to spend her birthday with them.

The moment we stepped into the school, her best friend in class - Huixin, came running towards her and hugged her tightly while saying 'Jaynnnnnnnneeeee'. It was soooooo sweet. :)

I was a little surprised at how well-behaved Jayne's class was, quite frankly. Aren't all four-year-olds rowdy and noisy and playful? When we were there, they didn't create a ruckus or make noise. They quietly watched us set up the cake and goody bags while whispering to each other. They obediently listened to their Teacher's instructions though everyone crowded around the cake and some were trying really hard to resist touching it. =P Such obedient kids - I was impressed!

Jayne's goody bags had princess photo cut-outs on front of the brown sandwich bags and secured with strings & flower felt buttons I bought from Daiso.

Jayne tells me many things about her friends in school everyday, so when I met them, I felt like I know them! I could even call them by names, which made them very bewildered indeed. =P

Even when they sang the happy birthday song, they were so gentle & angelic. They must be the most well behaved bunch of four-year-olds I've ever seen!

Jayne's cake was an ice-cream cake sponsored by Swensen's as well (Magadascar 3 series just like Joey's). The kids were unusually quiet  when eating their cakes - The teacher said it was their first time having ice-cream cake in school, and they were probably too busy savouring ice-cream! Hehe.

The kids probably needed time to warm up to me. Halfway through eating the cake, one boy turned to me and said, 'The cake is very cold.' I told him it's an ice-cream cake, that's why! He didn't look like he understood me. Probably thinking, 'Hello Auntie, this is cake, not ice-cream.' When I told one of the kids to quickly eat up his cake, otherwise it would melt, he said to me, 'If it melts, it'll become liquid cake!' - Very smart kids leh!

The cake was very yummy and several of the kids asked for 2nd helping. I guess kids can never have enough of ice-cream!

We haven't had the chance to celebrate her birthday with the family yet because she's still unwell. Praying that she'll recover soon and we can go have a celebration! Happy birthday again, babe! :)

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