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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Swensen's Space Adventure Kid's Meal

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The kind folks at Swensen's sent over some vouchers for us to go check out their new 'Space Adventure Kid's Meal', and we enjoyed a nice meal with our good friends some weekends back. Love the ION branch - The dessert & ice-cream buffet bar as the centrepiece looks good!

The 'Space Adventure Kid's Meal' costs $9.50 each, and the kids can choose among a list of seven entrees, healthy side snacks and a wholesome fruit juice. Top up $1.50, and the kids can upgrade to Qoo Fuji Apple or White Grape. And for an additional nominal amount of $2.90, you can even add a Treasure Chest sundae or a Coit Tower Junior to the meal - Everything's served in paper Spaceship!

The kids are always excited to visit Swensen's especially because of the ice-cream treats at the end of the meal. :)

She's grinning because there are so many options to choose from! :)

Jayne chose the macaroni with tomato sauce & fried chicken nuggets, served with corn cup.

The portion's just right for my kid, but I think it might be too little for older kids in Primary school. I tasted the chicken and thought it tasted not bad.

Joey ordered cheese burger with french fries. My guess was that she made that choice mainly because it came with french fries. =.=

Looks not bad - Portion's quite okay because it's a full burger with meat patty & cheese.

The adults had a feast too! I've always loved the side dishes offered at Swensen's especially fried mushrooms and rodeo wings! Yum yums. :)

My friends ordered the black pepper pasta, and it looked not bad too!

Hubby and I had Ribeye steak - I enjoyed it!!! Done just the way I like it. :)

After a sumptuous meal, I had to order my all-time favourite Sticky Chewy Chocolate sundae! :) Love it as usual.

The kids enjoyed their sundaes as well - A sweet finish to our happy Sunday lunch. :)

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